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Shopper hit by falling door at home improvement store.

Young carpenter shopping at an Anoka County Big Box home improvement store injured his neck and shoulder when a store employee pulled a six panel oak door off a rack onto our client. Represented by Walter Kaminsky. Result – $115,000 Federal Court Settlement.

Hotel patron gets spinal injury from slipping on snow covered ice.

Grim Howland represented a 26 year old man who slipped on ice in a hotel parking lot and severely injured his spine.  Water runoff from the hotel’s roof was directed from a downspout, over the sidewalk near the main entrance to the hotel, and into a large stream through the parking lot.  After several days of above-freezing temperatures, a cold snap caused the stream of water to freeze and falling snow hid it from view.  Our client exited the hotel and, unknown to him, was required to walk across the snow-covered ice to reach his car.  He slipped, fell, and severely injured his spine requiring surgery and rehabilitation.  Grim was able to recover $450,000 for the client from the negligent operator of the hotel, all by using the right services and documents to prove it with some legal scanning make done from external services that helped the case.

The case involved an improperly latched jack stand collapse that caused a serious leg injury. 

Our client was a caretaker at a private home was assisting the homeowner’s son with hitching a heavy wood chipper to the trailer hitch of a truck.  The homeowner’s son had improperly latched the jack stand that supported the weight of the wood chipper.  The jack stand collapsed, striking our client’s leg and pinning his foot to the ground.  He sustained a severe leg injury that required multiple surgeries and left him with a permanent limp.  Grim Howland persuaded the insurer that both homeowners and automobile insurance applied to provide coverage for the unusual circumstances of the injury.  Grim recovered $350,000 from both policies to compensate his client.

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