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Fall caused by magazine binder leads to recovery.

Elderly client tripped upon entering a Walgreens store in Hennepin County, fracturing her wrist and requiring surgical repair. When store would not release security camera film of area case was put into suit in federal court. The pictures revealed a fiberglass magazine binder had been left on the floor in front of the cashier for over a half hour and when client entered it caught her foot causing her to fall. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – $75,000 settlement.

Strip mall’s icy sidewalk causes bad fall.

Client was running a few errands for her kids just before Christmas and stopped at a local strip mall to pick up a few things. It had not snowed in days and the parking lot was mostly dry. As she stepped up on the sidewalk under the awning, she slipped on some black ice that had accumulated on the sidewalk near a support pillar. Our client badly injured her shoulder in the fall. A lawsuit was started and the discovery process revealed that the property owner forbid the property manager from salting and sanding without prior permission. Also the property owner likely knew about a problem with the awning that caused water to build up on sidewalk and form ice. Represented by Ben Lavoie. Result – $105,000 after Mediation.

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