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Client was victim of head-on crash, recovered over half-million dollars.

Client was hit by truck that lost control and went over centerline in Dakota County. She suffered severe orthopedic injuries to her legs and pelvis, requiring multiple surgeries and installation of instrumentation. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – $625,000 settlement.

Rear-end collision case concludes with excellent arbitration award.

Client, an Army recruiter, was rear ended in Morrison County and suffered a neck injury not requiring surgery, but causing him chronic pain and disabling him from further physical training tests, which halted his military career advancement and reduced his retirement income. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – Arbitration award of $82,000, plus underinsured motorist settlement of $40,000.

Client’s alleged fault for crash is dispelled and she recovers from own insurance.

Client’s car had blowout on I-35E in Ramsey County. Heavy traffic caused client to pull to the left shoulder which was too narrow, leaving some of her vehicle exposed in left lane, where she was rear ended in violent collision. Investigating officer attributed fault to client’s stopping, but a traffic control camera showed she’d been there several minutes with traffic easily going around her before the uninsured driver hit her at full speed without brake lights showing. Client suffered a fractured foot requiring surgery and a concussion. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result – $90,000 recovered from her uninsured motorist policy and obtained a waiver of reimbursement from her health insurer for medical bills it paid.

Ramsey County Sheriff’s Deputy’s negligent driving injures prisoner during transport.

A 34 year old man was being transported by Ramsey County Sheriff’s deputies from Duluth to St. Paul to serve a short workhouse sentence for a probation violation. The deputy driving the transport van was driving in excess of 70 miles per hour when he missed his exit and slammed on the brakes, throwing the un-seat belted, handcuffed prisoner face first into the dividing screen. The plaintiff suffered a serious neck injury, which required surgery to repair. Ramsey County denied liability for the injuries, claiming that the prisoner was not injured and was claiming injury in order to obtain narcotic prescription medication. A Ramsey County jury disagreed and found in favor of the plaintiff. Represented by Grim Howland. Result – $131,972.21 jury verdict. Post-verdict settlement of $169,400.

Seemingly ordinary traffic accident leads to bad injury and big settlement.

Client was driving on a residential street near his home when someone pulled out right in front of him from a stop sign. The collision was significant but not extraordinary. However, he unfortunately suffered a fracture of his ankle, which required surgery and resulted in a permanent injury and disability. Represented by Ben Lavoie. Result – $800,000 Settlement.

Mason worker’s career cut short by low speed rear-end accident.

Client was a passenger in his own vehicle, driven by a friend, when they were rear-ended by commercial vehicle while waiting at a stop sign. Client’s neck injury necessitated surgery and limited him in his masonry career. Represented by Ben Lavoie. Result – $300,000 settlement.

Enraged former boyfriend of client’s daughter smashes car into garage injures client.

Maple Grove physician standing in his attached garage was struck by angry motorist who crashed into a portion of his home. Doctor suffered severe orthopedic injuries to his leg and pelvis, requiring surgery and installation of instrumentation. Represented by Walter Kaminsky. Result – $700,000 Settlement.

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