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Premises Liability Results

Click Here to Call for free consultation Follow us:   (612) 339-8811 Get Help Now PREMISES LIABILITY RESULTS Shopper hit by falling door at home improvement store. Young carpenter shopping at an Anoka County Big Box home improvement store [...]

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Workers’ Comp Results

WORKERS’ COMP RESULTS Worker successfully recovers on workers’ compensation and personal injury claims from a bad fall. Client severely injured his shoulder when he fell on greasy stairs while he was delivering uniforms to a business as part of his job duties. Ben Lavoie represented him on both his workers’ compensation claim [...]

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Product Liability Results

PRODUCTS LIABILITY RESULTS Skid steer manufacturer’s dangerous design causes terrible foot injury, amputation. Client was repairing a skid steer with an automatic implement connection in Scott County when the hydraulic connector failed, dropping the bucket on client’s foot, and traumatically amputating over half of it. The client developed a nerve condition that [...]

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Slip-and-Fall Accident Results

SLIP-AND-FALL ACCIDENT RESULTS Hotel patron gets spinal injury from slipping on snow covered ice. Grim Howland represented a 26 year old man who slipped on ice in a hotel parking lot and severely injured his spine.  Water runoff from the hotel’s roof was directed from a downspout, over the sidewalk near the [...]

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Personal Injury Results

PERSONAL INJURY RESULTS Inattentive driver’s left turn injures bicyclist, results in large settlement. Bicyclist accident – Client was riding his bicycle northbound on Central avenue in Minneapolis when he was struck by a car that made a left turn off Central and struck client broadside. Client suffered a severe shoulder injury that [...]

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Liquor Liability Results

LIQUOR LIABILITY RESULTS Attorney Lavoie proves minors were illegally provided alcohol in tragic death case. Teenage girl was passenger in car with 6 others in rural Morrison County. Driver lost control and rolled vehicle killing her and 5 others. Driver had an illegal alcohol level and had been supplied beer she consumed [...]

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Dog Bite Results

DOG BITE RESULTS Dog bite to 3-year-old results in large arbitration award. 3 year old visited her uncle’s home in Minneapolis and as soon as she entered was bitten on her face by the uncle’s pit bull, causing a large crescent shaped scar on her face from the corner of her lip [...]

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Car Accident Results

CAR ACCIDENT RESULTS Client was victim of head-on crash, recovered over half-million dollars. Client was hit by truck that lost control and went over centerline in Dakota County. She suffered severe orthopedic injuries to her legs and pelvis, requiring multiple surgeries and installation of instrumentation. Represented by Jim Lavoie. Result - $625,000 [...]

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NEGLIGENCE Grain auger injury leads to above-knee amputation. Our client, a 30 year old farm laborer, suffered a badly mangled leg when his foot slipped into a large grain auger, leading to an above-knee amputation.  Suit was filed against the employer farmer (exempt from workers’ compensation laws) who activated the auger while [...]